Should You Invest In Canon PIXMA mg2522?

If you are an employee who works from home or a student who needs to print their assignments and notes frequently, Canon PIXMA brings out some inexpensive but efficient models just for you.

Canon PIXMA mg2522 is a home printer that can be connected to your computer via wire. It is a simple, color inkjet printer specifically modified for homes, small offices, dorms, or similar locations. You can not only print but also scan and copy with this model.

Out of all the printer models out there, it is really hard to choose the best one for you. If you are wondering whether Canon PIXMA mg2522 would be suitable, keep reading the article.

Canon PIXMA mg2522

Canon PIXMA mg2522 is a letter-size personal color multi-function printer for home and small office capacity. This is a wired printer with a USB port and cable included in the box. With this model, you can print high-resolution photos or colored documents without distorting the image or file. As they are inkjet printers, they are excellent at printing photos with color gradation and minimal pixelation.

For convenience, it supports an additional XL high-capacity ink cartridge so that you can store additional ink inside the printer. It will help you to print more without worrying about ink capacity. Even if the color ink cartridge runs out, this printer can keep on printing. Generally, they print in black and white then. There are two holders separately for color ink and black ink.

The text speed of this model is 7 ppm, which falls under the excellent category of the traditional printing test. So, you know that they can print fast and effortlessly. The paper size this model can print is 8.5×14, so you can print A4 papers without any issues. You can print plain paper, glossy paper, and glossy photo paper with this printer. The tray can hold 60 sheets of plain paper at one go or 20 Sheets of 4 x 6 Glossy Photo Paper.

The best part of MG2522 is that they are compact and lightweight. They can fit through your computer desk or any small area. You can easily move around them from one place to another. Connecting it to the computer is really simple, and all materials necessary are provided with the box. They are compatible with Windows 10/11 and Mac only but not compatible with Chromebook.

In addition to printing, MG2522 is able to scan documents and make photocopies. Most all-in-one printers include a glass scanning bed with a lid that can be fully raised to scan books, other thick media, and flat originals. However, some portable printer models use a complex sheet-fed scanner that is more difficult to handle. Thankfully, this model has a flatbed design for both scanning and printing. So, let’s not wait any longer and order here.

How To Connect Canon MG2522 With The Computer?

As mentioned earlier, Canon Mg2522 is not adapted to connect wirelessly with the computer or tab. So, firstly, you need to connect your printer to the computer with a USB cable that will be provided to you with the box. When you connect the USB successfully, the computer will automatically detect the printer driver. You will receive a notification about the printer status on the right corner of your screen.

After detecting the printer driver, your pc will automatically download the required software for installment. Once the file is downloaded, you can find the software file named Canon Inkjet Print Utility in the download bar. Here, Wi-Fi or cellular connection is a pre-condition. Also, before downloading, you have to sign into your Microsoft account on the computer you connected the printer with.

Now, open the Canon Inkjet Print Utility folder and open the ‘select model’ screen. Type or search for the PIXMA Mg2522 from the menu and select the option. Run the program and install it after finishing. You might need to restart the computer after installation. Now you have a fully functional printer connected to your computer for printing, scanning, and copying.

How To Change Ink Cartridge In The Canon PIXMA MG2522?

When the ink cartridge runs out, you can replace them at home with simple steps. First, unplug the printer and turn it around. Over the back, you will find a door with a handle. Press the handle gently to open the door. Once you open it, you will find the ink will go by and come back like a boomerang. Wait until the ink comes back to its original space. Keep your hand away during this process so that it does not hit the ink.

As the ink stops moving completely, you will find two holders. One is for the black ink, and another is for the color one. Take the top side of the holder you want to change the cartridge off and push it forward. The holder will come off from the spot. Now, discard the old cartridge, attach the new one, and secure it with the ink holder. If you do not have new ink, you can leave the spot empty. The printer is able to function with only one spot filled.

Should You Invest in this printer?

Is it a wise choice to buy Canon PIXMA mg2522? It really depends on your requirements and functioning. It is certainly not able to cover the need for the whole office space. However, for personal needs and home office setup, this model is perfect. Their text speed is excellent, the inking is fast and correct, and the maximum resolution is 600 x 1200 dots per inch. The color depth of this model is 48-bit Internal and 24-bit External.

More importantly, they are compact and lightweight. You can carry them with one hand if you want. Plus, you can do everything with this one device. From scanning, printing, and copying, you don’t have to visit any stationery shop for any printing job ever again. But the surprising element about this printer is not the printer itself but the mind-blowing price point. Can you imagine a printer that can be under 40$?

Final Words

A computer setup without a printer is incomplete and bland. But as a student or entrepreneur, you don’t always have the budget or capacity for a high-end super-deluxe printer. That’s where this model pops up. This all-in-one printer can fulfill all your basic printing needs smoothly. So, to make your life easy, Canon PIXMA MG2522 is, without a doubt, a great pick.

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