How To Connect a Canon Printer To Wi-Fi?

We think of Wi-Fi as a gateway to access the internet. But Wi-Fi is basically a gateway to life, a wireless type. And This wireless digital life doesn’t limit to smartphones. Rather you can build a wireless connection between your computer and printer.

Before moving to the Wi-Fi connection, you need to check whether your printer is compatible with connecting wirelessly. If yes, next, you need to check the computer setup for connecting to Wi-Fi. Canon wireless printers can be connected via Wi-Fi with LAN and Wi-Fi with WPS.

If you are not a tech geek, it is usual to get frustrated over such technical issues. To help you with such science stuff, I will guide you thoroughly in this article.

How To Connect a Canon Printer To Wi-Fi With LAN?

Connecting the Canon printer to the Wi-Fi is not rocket science, but it sure has some complexity to it. Before you proceed to connect the printer, make sure the wireless router is within the range of the computer and the printer. Also, make sure that the computer is connected to the same network you are about to connect with your printer. After this, the connecting printer with Wi-Fi begins. If you don’t want to be confused and lost, follow the steps below.

Preparation For Wireless Setup

First, turn on the printer and make sure the light is on. Press the setup button on the Canon printer. Usually, that button is on the bottom-right corner of the touchpad. Use the right or left button to select the wireless LAN setup. After selecting the setup, press OK. You can find those buttons on the top layer of the touchpad.

Now, search for the Wireless LAN setup from the setup menu. Select Other Setup and press ok. In the Other Setup menu, you will find Cableless Setup. And then press OK.

You have now converted the Wireless LAN setup from the standard setup to the cableless setup. Your printer is now ready for connection with your router. But first, you need to install the software on your computer.

Installation Of The Software (Windows)

If your computer has a CD-ROM drive that you can use the CD that has been provided with the Canon printer. If your computer has no CD drive, don’t worry. You can connect via the Canon website ( After inserting the CD-ROM, run the Msetup4.exe when the Autoplay screen appears. On the dialog box that says User Account Control, click either Yes or Continue. 

Next, you need to visit the Canon website mentioned above. Before that, make sure all other applications on your computer are closed and you are logged in to the computer with the administrator account. Back to the website, select the region, name of the printer, and OS of your computer. On the page, you will find a Product Setup section. Click Download for the setup file. Wait until the file is downloaded.

After the download is finished, double-click on the .exe file. The computer will automatically start the setup, and the window will pop out after the setup is completed. Click on the Next button. The next page will show two options for the connection method of the printer. Select the Wireless LAN Connection. Hit Next. On the next page, click on Connect via wireless router (recommended). Then forward to the next page and click on the Cableless Setup.

When the .NET framework window appears, click Yes. On the name page, the software Installation List will come out. Hit Next. After that, the Setup Completion Box will be visible. Click on Complete. Keep clicking on Next and click on the Agree or the Do Not Agree button on the Extended Survey Program.

The Test Print dialog box appears next to ensure the printer’s operation. Load plain paper into the printer and press the Execute button. After printing a test page, click Next. To avoid test printing, select Next rather than Execute. However, it is wise to run the test print to see if everything is ok or not. Now, clock on the Exit. And you are done with the Cableless setup.

Installation Of the Software (Mac OS)

If you use a MacBook or Apple computer, you first need to visit the Canon Website ( Then, select the region name, printer name, and computer OS.  Go to the Product Setup section and click Download.

The setup file will be automatically downloaded. Click twice on the downloaded .dmg file. Select and run the Setup icon and select Next. On the next screen you see, enter the name and password of the administrator. Then click Install Helper. And then, again click Next.

When the printer connection method page appears, click on Wireless LAN Connection and hit Next. Then, select Connect via wireless router (recommended) and go to the next page. Click on the Cableless setup. When the subsequent page appears, click on the Add Printer. Select the Canon xxx series Canon IJ Network and click on Add. If you’re installing the Canon printer driver on your Mac OS X and intend to use the printer over a network, you can choose Bonjour or Canon IJ Network from the Add Printer dialog.

Keep clicking on Next to the subsequent pages. Then the Extended Survey Program page will pop up. Click Agree if you agree to the Extended Survey Program. The Extended Survey Program will not be installed if you click Do not agree. This has no effect on how the machine works.

To ensure the printer’s operation, test printing should be carried out. Load plain paper into the printer and press the Execute button. After printing a test page, click Next. To avoid test printing, select Next rather than Execute. To finish the installation, click Exit. And your MacBook is ready to enjoin with your Canon Printer.

Connect The Canon Printer To Wi-Fi With WPS

You can as well connect the canon printer to Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) mode on your device. You can use this method to hook up to the wireless network though you don’t know its name and you don’t have administration access to your computer. To complete these steps, ensure you have your wireless router nearby.

How To Connect It To Wi-Fi With WPS

Turn on the printer and keep the router within the range of the printer. When the touchscreen wakes up, tap on the WLAN, and click the Start Setup button. Search the WPS button and press it for five seconds and tap ok immediately. Hit Ok when the Connected to the access point comes out on the screen. And you are done setting up the Wi-Fi with the router. When the Wi-Fi icon appears with some connection bars in the top-left corner, you can be assured the connection has been established.

Final Words 

Connecting your wireless router with the printer is not complicated but a tad bit complex, especially when you are a novice in all these. But if you follow these steps carefully and thoroughly read the instructions, you are good to go. If any issue arises further, you can factory reset your printer and set up again following the same steps.

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