How to Copy a Decklist from Edhrec?

Copying a decklist from EDHREC? Super simple. It’s a simple procedure that will have you operating in no time. Let me summarize it for you:

Step 1: Head over to EDHREC

Yo, listen up, my friend. Get ready to conquer the digital realm by firing up your browser and heading straight to the legendary EDHREC’s website. This bad boy right here is your ultimate hub, your secret weapon when it comes to everything Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Commander decks and cards. Believe me, it’s like discovering a hidden treasure trove of pure gold.

Step 2: Hunt down that deck

Alright, my friend, buckle up and let’s navigate our way through the exhilarating realm of the EDHREC homepage. Once you’ve landed there, it’s time to unleash your inner deck-sleuth. Locate that search bar sitting majestically at the top of the page and type in the name of the deck that’s got your heart racing. Or, if you’re feeling like a true explorer, venture into the wild wonders of the popular Commanders list or take a peek at the “Decks” tab to feast your eyes on the freshest creations making waves right now. The possibilities are endless, my friend. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of infinite MTG greatness!

Step 3: Lock onto the decklist

Aha! You’ve locked onto the deck that’s got your heart racing. Now it’s time to take the plunge and click on that deck’s name, my friend. Brace yourself for a wave of pure decklist delight. The right side of your screen is about to transform into a masterpiece, unveiling the full glory of that decklist you’ve been yearning for. And hey, don’t miss out on the left side of the screen either, ’cause that’s where the magic happens. A smorgasbord of juicy extra info about the deck is gonna pop up, ready to enhance your MTG experience. Get ready to feast your eyes and soak up all the glorious details, my fellow commander!

Step 4: Swipe that decklist

Time to make the magic happen. Below the decklist, you’ll spot the “Copy to Clipboard” button. Give it a satisfying click, and voila! The decklist is now chilling on your computer’s clipboard. Ready to be unleashed.

Pro tip: If you can’t locate the “Copy to Clipboard” button, just scroll your way down to the bottom of the decklist, and it’ll reveal itself to you.

Step 5: Paste that baby

Got the decklist in your sights? Awesome. It’s time to paste it into whatever application or document you desire. You can drop it into a trusty text editor, a fiery forum post, or hey, even another deck-building website if you’re feeling wild.

Imagine this: You want to import that decklist into MTG Arena or Magic Online. Piece of cake. Just fire up the import feature and smack that decklist into the designated field. Boom! You’re set.

And there you have it, my friend. Follow these dead-simple steps, and you’ll be copying any decklist from EDHREC like a pro. Now go forth and conquer!

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