Houston Transtar Cameras

By Keeping roadways clear, motorists informed and lives safe is a round-the-clock challenge when it includes the fourth most populated city in the United States. Formed in 1993, Houston TranStar is a unique partnership of four government agencies responsible for keeping more than miles of roadway moving for the greater Houston area.

Nearly 5 million registered vehicles are responding to an average of 230 traffic incidents daily. Sharing traffic information helped clear incidents faster. Shared access to the latest technologies and life-saving communications, it has more efficient responses to the region’s transportation issues and eliminates costly duplication.

Houston Transtar’s savings of nearly 3.5 billion taxpayer dollars, thus, has earned its recognition as a national model of cost efficiencies. One of the best examples of cost savings from shared resources is an extensive network of fibre optic cables. Hundreds of miles of cable connect media and government agencies with real-time traffic data and expand their capacity to exchange information.

By sharing information from our cameras and other technologies, we can manage the traffic flow for our commuters.

As for its presence on the information superhighway, Houston Transstar’s award-winning website is nationally recognized for the valuable travel updates it offers motorists.

Houston Transtar’s innovative achievements attract dozens of delegations from around the world each year to observe and learn from its visionary use of new technologies. It was the first centre in the nation to combine transportation management and emergency management technologies to improve public safety during natural and manmade disasters in a hurricane. Houston TranStar is the communications hub for tracking the latest developments, releasing accurate and up-to-date information, coordinating evacuations, and setting emergency plans into motion.

We prepare all year long for emergencies that happen every day, so when major emergencies occur, our teams are ready.

From providing real-time traffic information to serving as a centre of emergency planning, Houston TranStar plays a critical role in keeping commerce moving and getting motorists where they want to go. Houston TranStar is transforming the ways we travel.

Houston Transtar Cameras

The Houston Transtar sets up lots of cameras on different roadways. Followings the list of roadways where the have active cameras.

Select a roadway:

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