How 7D Hologram Technology Works?

With 7D holographic technology, you can create a 3D image viewed from all angles. This technology is similar to video and photography in that it uses light waves to create an image. However, unlike traditional images, 7D holograms can be viewed from any angle. This allows you to create realistic images that are impossible to create with traditional photography or video.How 7D Hologram Technology Works

How 7D Hologram Technology Works?

The process of 7D hologram technology is quite easy. First of all, the 3D modeler creates a 3D model from the 2D image by adding the color and texture. Then the hologram layer is added to the original picture to obtain the finished 3D hologram image.

At present, there are many applications of 7D hologram technology, such as video surveillance, decoration, etc. In fact, the most popular application of 7D hologram technology is the decoration of the Christmas tree. For example, you can create a holographic angel in your living room, or create a 3D Christmas tree with Santa Claus in it.

What is more, if you buy 7D hologram products, you can create your own special holographic product and have it displayed on the wall.

Hologram is not only limited to Christmas trees. A wide range of objects can be transformed into a holographic model through the process of hologram technology, such as a plastic figure, a statue of a man or woman, etc.

As for decoration, the holographic decorations can not only be placed on the Christmas tree, but also on the table, the living room, or even on the wall.

The 7D hologram technology can display the 3D image in the air. You can see the holographic image in the air, and it is not limited to a specific direction. Therefore, the hologram does not need to be fixed on a certain object.

When we speak of the hologram technology, it is necessary to explain the concept of parallax. Parallax is the phenomenon of different objects having different positions in space. Therefore, the hologram technology can be used to display the 3D image in a stereoscopic way.

In addition, you can create a 3D hologram image in any size. The technology is suitable for creating a 3D image of a house, or making a 3D model of the figure, etc.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Holographic Technology:

Although there are many applications of the hologram technology, there are also problems that need to be solved. For example, if the 3D hologram image is too large, you will have difficulty seeing it. For this purpose, it is necessary to reduce the size of the image.

On the other hand, the hologram technology has a number of advantages. It can make the hologram image in the air appear. In addition, the hologram is not limited to a single direction. The hologram is free to move, which is different from the conventional method of displaying the image in a fixed position.

It is very popular to create a 3D holographic angel or Santa Claus on the Christmas tree. The hologram is displayed in the air, and the image does not require a fixed location. Therefore, it is not limited to a certain direction.

Final Words:

In conclusion, 7D hologram technology is a revolutionary new way to view images and videos. It allows you to see objects in three dimensions from any angle, and the images are so realistic that you can even feel like you are part of them. This technology has many potential applications, including education, entertainment, and marketing.

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