Ion Audio Pathfinder 320 All Weather Speaker

If you need a portable speaker that can handle the elements, go no further than the ION Audio Pathfinder 320 All Weather Speaker. This portable speaker is perfect for use in the great outdoors thanks to its rechargeable battery, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and IPX5 water resistance rating. The Pathfinder 320° boasts a 5 XL 200-watt speaker system that can project sound in 360 degrees.

About Ion Audio Pathfinder 320 All Weather Speaker

Key Features and Benefits

A. Bluetooth 5.0 Enabled

The Pathfinder 320° has Bluetooth 5.0 technology built in, so you can freely stream and control your music. Using this function, you may easily pair your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer with the speaker.

B. ION Sound XP App

You may modify the volume and colour of the speaker’s LEDs with the help of the ION Sound XP software. You can easily customize the settings using this software, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

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C. 5 XL 200-Watt 320° Speaker System

In terms of audio, the Pathfinder 320° has a 5 XL 200-watt 320° speaker system with one 8″ woofer, two 1″ tweeters, and two 3″ drivers. The system’s excellent sound travels in a 320-degree arc, so listeners from all directions may take pleasure in the performance.

D. Rechargeable 100-Hour Battery

The rechargeable battery in the Pathfinder 320° allows for up to 100 hours of listening time. Since the battery won’t die while you’re listening to music, you can play your tunes nonstop.

E. IPX5 Water-Resistant

The IPX5 rating for water resistance means you may use the speaker in the shower or outside in the rain without worrying about damaging it. If the speaker becomes wet, there won’t be a problem because of this feature.

F. Fast-Charging USB Port

A USB charging connection is concealed within the speaker’s protective housing. It’s convenient to use the speaker and charge your phone at the same time.

Additional Features and Benefits

A. FM Radio with 16 Presets

There is also an FM radio in the Pathfinder 320°, with memory for 16 stations. This facilitates listening to one’s preferred radio stations for entertainment and information.

B. Backlit Buttons

The speaker’s buttons are backlit, so you can operate it even in the dark. This function makes operating the speaker easy, even in dim lighting.

C. Multi-Colored Lights

In time with the beat of the music, the Pathfinder 320°’s multi-colored LED lights pulse. When used, this function delivers a visual effect that enhances the enjoyment of listening to music.

D. Stereo-Link Feature

With the help of the Stereo-Link function, you may wirelessly link two or more ION wireless speakers together. The volume may be turned up on the speaker so that you can hear the music even more clearly.

E. Easy-Grab Handle and Built-In Bottle Opener

There’s a convenient carry handle on top of the speaker, so you can transport it with no effort. It’s already handy, but the built-in bottle opener makes it much better.

Are ION speakers any good?

Yes, ION speakers are renowned for their superior sound quality and longevity. Customers have praised their products, such as the ION Audio Pathfinder 320 All Weather Speaker, for their high-quality audio and durable construction, which make them appropriate for outdoor usage. Additionally, the ION Sound XP App and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies enable effortless music streaming and control. ION is a recognized manufacturer of high-quality speakers.

Does the Ion Audio Pathfinder 320 all weather speaker have a microphone?

No, it does not have a built-in microphone.

Is the Ion Pathfinder 320 waterproof?

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or just plain dusting outside, the Ion Audio Pathfinder 320 all weather speaker can take it. The device is water-resistant up to a point, however it shouldn’t be submerged in water for extended periods of time.


Finally, it is a fully featured, weatherproof speaker system. The Pathfinder 320° is an excellent choice for use in the great outdoors because of its robust 200-watt speaker system, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and IPX5 water-resistant design. It may accompany you on a picnic, a trip to the beach, or a camping trip.

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